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August has now arrived and I am way behind with keeping my website up to date. In previous years I used to walk 2 or 3 times a week and I was able to keep the website updated but since the Covid lockdown I have been doing shorter local walks, at least one per day and they have been very repetitive. I have been out in all weathers, rain hail, snow and sunshine. I have  enjoyed the challenge but have realised I do not have the time to write reports  for each walk when it is probably the same walk as I done on previous days. So I have made the decision to only write new reports for new walks and just keep a simple log  for the exercise walks that I will continue to do. To move forward I must change the way I do things. I am entirely self taught in producing this website so please bear with me as I change the website. I have plenty to  write about and want to document my recent backpacking trips. Watch this space as the website evolves ...........

Leaving Faindouran Bothy where we camped outside 17/05/2021

From the left, myself, Kevin, Richard and John

The Peak District Boundary Walk

To celebrate Britain’s first and arguably most beautiful national park, The Friends of the Peak District have devised a brand new long distance (190-mile) walking route around its entire boundary. The walk is divided up into 20 stages which are easily completed in a normal day. You can follow my progress along the route HERE      I am still only on 8 sections completed but will have to try a bit harder during 2021....................

Recent walks
Walk No Date Area


Weather Miles
21207 24/07/2021 Cheshire Nessit Hill and Forest Chapel Overcast 6
21208 25/07/2021 Cheshire Chelford and Nether Alderley with Broken Cross Walkers Sunny periods 8
21209 26/07/2021 Cheshire Nessit Hill from Trentabank evening walk Overcast 3
21210 27/07/2021 Cheshire Trentabank to Shutlingsloe Overcast 4
21211 28/07/2021 Cheshire Ferriser and Standing Stone from Trentabank Overcast 3
21212 29/07/2021 Cheshire Trentabank to Shutlingsloe Overcast then sunny periods 4
21213 30/07/2021 Cheshire Trentabank to Shutlingsloe Drizzle, misty 4
21214 31/07/2021 Cheshire Nessit Hill and Forest Chapel Overcast 6
21215 01/08/2021 High Peak Eccles Pike and Bugsworth Canal Basin with Macclesfield Ramblers Sunny periods 5
21216 03/08/2021 Cheshire Trentabank to Shutlingsloe Overcast 4
21217 04/08/2021 Cheshire Standing Stone to Shutlingsloe Sunny periods 3
21218 05/08/2021 Cheshire Trentabank to Shutlingsloe Misty 4
21219 06/08/2021 Cheshire Trentabank to Shutlingsloe Drizzle, misty 4
21220 07/08/2021 Cheshire Footpath check Sutton FP9 overgrown - Nessit Hill and Forest Chapel Overcast 6
  The little bus on my walks list means I have used public  transport on my walk. Especially useful now I have a Bus and Senior Rail Pass and the little tent indicates a night in my tent I love camping especially wild camping - 16 tent nights last year.

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