A couple of walks in the Mountains near Nerja  in Spain - June 2008


On our holiday to Nerja in Spain we stayed at the resort of Torrox Costa near Nerja, I went for a few walks while I was there and they are described below. The mountains of the Sierra Nevada are quite close and a 90 cent bus ride to Nerja brings you to the start of some wonderful walking country. The Tourist Office in Nerja has a guidebook with a few walks in and I used this as a start to explore the mountains which are a short distance away

From Nerja the first walk runs along the river bed of the Chillar River and eventually arrives at La Presa (The Dam) I set off with high hopes but never actually reached the dam although I must have been fairly close. I started at 11.15hrs and walked and waded through the river for 2½ hours, After my lunch I decided to return the way I had come as it was quite tiring and I wanted to get the 16.10 bus back from Nerja to Torrox Costa. It was an exciting walk, most of the time was spent walking along the river bed ankle deep in water, scrambling up water falls and with occasional sections in  very narrow gorges barely 6 feet wide, definitely not the place to be in bad weather as I could see the evidence of the flash floods that must roar through the narrow gorges. The distance from the road to the dam is around 8kms (5 miles) and when I turned round I think I could have been only a few hundred metres to go, progress was very slow and I made the correct decision to leave the dam for another day. It was another 2½ hours  of river walking before I got back to Nerja. A very exciting walk but remote. 


On the outskirts of Nerja and looking down towards the River Chillar. Its dried up in this area at this time of the year


Down on the track running alongside the river and heading for the mountains, the river is a mere  trickle here and disappears occasionally

The start of the gorge with the trickle of a river

Superb scenery as you get further up the gorge with many birds, butterflies and dragonflies


There are many long stretches where you just have to wade through the water, its was ankle deep in most parts with occasional places that were knee deep


Very narrow in this section and you could touch both walls at the same time.  Dams had been built in parts which had the effect of creating pools that were knee deep. 


This debris was about 8 feet high and the water was over my knees here. As you can see it would be dangerous to walk through here if it had been raining or if there was any chance of bad weather.

Flash floods would be a serious problem here


Ankle deep in water and loving every minute of it
Further up, the gorge widens out and there are many waterfalls that you have to scramble up

This is as far as I went in 2½ hours of walking and wading. After a lunch break I set off back down the river

I wanted to go further as I am sure the dam was very close but you have to decide when to stop. That is saved for another day


This walk today was another from the guidebook and runs from near the Caves of Nerja to the Esparto Fountain, from there a path runs along the hillside and then drops down into the Gorge on the Chillar River, My plan was to link the two walks together and it turned out to be an excellent walk
Near the start of the walk not far from the Caves at Nerja
The track to the Esparto Fountain takes you along the hillside on the right and at the end of the valley its curves round onto the hillside  in the distance
The is a picnic area  a few miles up the track which is accessible by car as long as you travel slowly
 This way to the Fuente del Esparto ( The Esparto Fountain)

The Esparto Fountain - The guidebook says this water is drinkable and I wanted to top my water bottle up but there was a lot of bees buzzing around the water spout on the wall and I thought its better to be thirsty than stung


Looking back  from near the Fountain to the track I had just walked up


 Looking back you can see the track I had walked up on the right and then it curves round and heads up past the Esparto Fountain. There are some impressive mountains here that will be worth a visit in the future

Looking down into the next valley from the hilltop. The River Chillar and the gorge are far below down in the valley
 Having a breather before setting off down to the river
This is the path junction where you leave the main track and descend down to the River Chillar
 Looking down the path into the gorge
The path is marked in places with blue paint on some of the rocks
Looking down into the gorge
The well marked path junction on the river bank in the gorge
Looking back up the hillside that I had just come down

The temperature in the gorge was just right and the water was lovely and cool


The debris from the flash floods was piled up high and was a useful reminder that you should not be here in bad weather

One of the waterfalls I had just scrambled down
Looking down one of the falls. It was about 10ft down with an easy scramble on the left hand side

More debris from the flash floods - It must have 10ft down to the river - I think this had come from a side channel that came steeply down the mountainside to join the main river

Narrow in places
Nearly at the end of the walk before emerging out from the narrow valley. The river is now a mere trickle
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